Urination Pain, Beware of Anyang

The risk of a woman being exposed to wadery throughout her life reaches 50 percent. Most women are also at risk of experiencing this condition repeatedly, even for years. Frequently rinse the genitals from back to front after defecating? Immediately stop this habit, because it can cause fatigue, which is most often caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is caused by bacteria from the large intestine that are also around the anus, such as E. coli, entering the urinary tract because of improper ways of cleaning the vagina. This bacterium then infects the bladder which if not treated immediately can also infect the kidneys. Beware of Anyang Anyang does not always cause specific symptoms. However, the following symptoms in general can be signs that you may experience fatigue. An excessive desire to urinate.Pain or pain when urinating.Urinate more often, but in small increments.Pain in the pelvis if it occurs in women.Urine has a strong odor, is thicker, sometimes mixed with …
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